Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm Your Ice Cream Man

Gillian loves to tease Maxwell. He gets so annoyed with her. His temper is bad enough without all of her teasing, but when she starts in on him, his little body gets completely rigid with anger.

I observed a particularly memorable example this weekend. Maxwell has the biggest sweet tooth of any kid I know. Of course, Max heard Mr. Frosty from the next town over, so he was already climbing the fence to yell at the driver to wait. I told him he couldn't have any ice cream, because he didn't eat his lunch. Just as the air filled louder with those familiar notes, Gillian broke out into song:

GG: Dee-dle-dee-dee, dee-dee dee-dee, da-dee dee dee dee deeeeee dee.

Maxwell will cry, and wipe his eye, cuz he can't get ice cream.

Now, everytime I hear that truck, I can't help laughing, remembering how he chased her around the yard with a wiffle ball bat while she continued to sing her diddy.