Monday, July 11, 2005

Hot Sauce And Philosphy At Church's Fried Chicken

Little G wanted to taste the hot sauce I swiped from the taco store next to Church's in the BWI airport yesterday. After bugging her eyes out, the sauce must have provoked this reaction:
GG: Daddy, why do the people from Iraq and Pakistan don't want us to follow our religion? Why do the want us to follow their religion?
G-man: I don't know GG, but there's nothing wrong with sharing, especially something good that you believe in, with other people.
GG: But why do they want to hurt other people, like in London?
G-man: There are some evil people who believe that it is ok to hurt or even kill others that don't believe what they do.
GG: Then why did we free the people in Iraq?
G-man: There was an evil dictator there, he was sort of like a king. He and other bad men intimidate the good people there. He was so evil that he even killed many of those people that lived in his own country. So after ten years of asking him to stop, we had to fight his army.
GG: Where is he now?
G-man: We captured him, and he will be tried in a court and punished.
GG: Will they kill him?
G-man: They might sentence him to death.
GG: So now are all the people free?
G-man: No, not yet. There are still many bad men that followed and supported the dictator, and they enjoyed many favors in Iraq. But now that they lost power, they hate others even more, and are scaring the good people from becoming free.
GG: Why can't we just kill all the bad men.
G-man: Because we can't find them. They don't have an army or dress up in uniforms. They sneak around killing innocent people, and then leave their bodies around to scare the rest of the people. Besides, all this killing is not the right answer.
GG: What's the right answer?

G-man: Forgiveness