Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday morning we slept late, then we went to McD's for breakfast, then to the CVS to get some benedryl for Max's allergies. On the way back, we stopped at the Light Street pavillion.

While Max and Jawbitch were shopping, I noticed a gathering in front of this store:

So I walked up and took a picture of the time according to the store:

Then, at the risk of nearly getting beaten for jumping in front of the prospective patrons, I took a picture of the front door sign.

After they realized I wasn't trying to jump in front of them, they started bellyaching about the time, and how they were happy I got the proof. What really amazed me was, there were women in that crowd who complained the loudest:

The manager finally showed up. An equal number of folks came in right after the store opened:

Why don't they have anything better to do on a beautiful Sunday morning than to wait for Hooters to open up?

P.S. Who sang the title?