Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Our firm finally broke down and bought the associates Blackberries. Up until that point, I refused to pay cash money for the privilege to develop an electronic ball-and-chain culture.

Yesterday, Jawbitch saw Max walking around with a blackberry.

Jawbitch: Max, where did you get that blackberry?
Max: It's mine.
Jawbitch: No, honey. That's daddy's blackberry. Could you please put it back on his desk?
Max: No it isn't! It's mine! I found it and Gram said I could keep it!
Jawbitch: Let me look at it.

Sure enough, Max had found somebody's blackberry outside in the street. Jawbitch eventually gained possession of the device and found out the contact information. Turns out that it belonged to a 30 y.o. executive who just bought one of the $2M houses on the canal down the street. He and his wife showed up at the house to reclaim his blackberry. Max reluctantly gave it up (remember the first rule of personal property -- finder's keepers?) Of course, the wife was smitten with our little gizmo locator, so she handed hubby a $20 bill from her pocketbook.

Exec: Thanks kid! Here, go buy yourself an ice cream.