Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bluto's Live Poker Tournament

Friday I played in Bluto's monthly poker tournament. I missed playing last month, so it was great to get back into a live game again, this time against eight other guys.

I wasn't getting any cards, though. We started around 8 p.m., and I had to wait until darn near midnight before I got my first good set of cards. Everyone played extremely tight, so no one was out.

On one hand, I held an A 8 and took it to the river, even though the flop was rainbow K-9-J. If you ever want to taste it, go down to the wishing well. Only when you see it, it's gonna change your ways, it's going to change your mind. Looking ahead, the turn came up 10. I'm a healer, believe it, gonna carry ya to the end. I kept betting like I had a pair of kings, and all others folded, except the new guy Russ, the chip leader who stayed in with me. I wanted an ace, but the river came up a 7! He bet significantly to me, so I put my best worried look on my face, stood up, and went all in. After almost five minutes, I figured he would fold, so I started to harass him:

G-man: What's it gonna be boy, yes or no?
Others: Yeah, what's it gonna be boy?
Russ: I call.

He had A-10. That put me back in the game. Then I managed to steal quite a few of the ever rising blinds. Many others got taken out, but not by me.

The most exciting hand of the evening was when Bluto was heads up against Mr.Fold. Bluto had A, J suited spades. Two other friends, "TightAss" & "PuffPuffPass" just folded to his 30K raise after the flop. Everytime TightAss would fold, he would throw his mucked cards on top of Bluto's good cards. When Bluto took Tight's cards away, one of Bluto's cards fliped over. Bluto got all pissed off.
TightAss: It's ok, MrFold did not see the card.

We all saw that Mr.Fold was looking down at his chips, debating whether or not he should go "ALL IN", and did not notice Bluto's jack.
Bluto: ok cool, lets play.
PuffPuffPass, blurts out: No, if a card flips over the whole table has to know what it is.

Now that maybe true with a commuity or mucked card, but it was Bluto's card, not a muck card. So PuffPuffPass and the whole table start to argue about whether or not we have to tell Mr.Fold.
Bluto, for the 4TH TIME, joined by the rest of the table: BUT IT IS MY
PuffPuffPass, acting totally stoned and oblivious to all those around
No, if a card flips over the whole table has to know. MrFOLD IT WAS A
Bluto, throwing his hands up: what the hell do we do now?
Mr.Fold: I was going to go "ALL IN" anyway

So, Mr.Fold goes all in, and Bluto calls. Bluto had the A high flush draw, with the turn and river still to come, called. He caught the 5th diamond on the river and took out MrFold. PuffPuffPass finally figures out what we were all talking about and apologizes. That hand goes down in Bluto poker night history.

The strangest hand came thereafter, when Russ went all in after Al and I folded against a miserable flop, with Bluto still remaining. Bluto thought about it for a good while, stated he probably shouldn't go all-in, but did so anyway. Both guys had pocket aces. The odds of getting any particular pair in a single hand are 221:1, so the odds of that are -- like 270K to one heads up, but since there were two other players, it's not quite as rare, but it's still LARGE (I think it's about 90242 to 1)? Come on!!!

Eventually, only Russ and I were left. So I commenced the aggressive, bitch slapping minus the trash talk that I'm getting famous for. We see-sawed a couple of times, then I caught a good flop with a weaker hand and went all-in. He called, but by this time we were about even in chips. He lost, and was left with a marginal amount of chips. He won the next two hands (since he was forced to go all-in, and I wasn't about to give him a blind), but eventually he succumbed. It was 3:30 a.m. in the morning.

And that's how G-man won his second poker tournament.