Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This Can't Be Love

This is the first time in twenty-five years that the Transit Worker's Union (TWU) leadership has called for a strike. A mahvelous idear, right? Terrorists couldn't do as good a job disrupting the city as the TWU has.

Arrest at least one of the union leaders and put them in jail for contempt for violating a court ordered injunction. As one rider said, "[i]t's hard to feel sorry for the workers when they make three old ladies walk home in the cold."

Apparently the whole beef is not the raises -- the raise percentages are a satisfactory 3-4 percent for the next three years. The problem is the pension benefit. Either the retirement age is extended from 55 (who gets to retire at 55?) to 62, or incoming workers must contribute 6% of their pay (instead of 2%) toward their own pension benefit (reverse age discrimination, another example of the baby-boomer generation screwing the rest of us youngsters).

Govenor Pataki is pissed. Mayor Bloomberg is pissed. The MTA is pissed. The TWU is pissed. Fuck all them, they don't count.


I get on the LIRR at the very beginning of the line into NYC. So I get a seat on the train, which is wonderful, until we get to Jamaica station. First there was congestion just getting available track space. Then we waited several more minutes for the doors to shut, chilling as the car's heaters were not functioning very well, it's 15 minutes late leaving, for no apparent reason. We make it through the tube into Pennsyltucky station a full half-hour late.

The Station is a nightmare. They set up so many barriers throughout the station leading through to the street level that I feel like a mouse running through a rat race maze. My sedate commute is turned into a harrowing game of survivor. There is only one exit to the street near Macy's. We're jammed in like sardines. I envisioned the Iraqi woman's plunger malfunctioned on the escalator. She failed to detonate, but what perfect conditions for her. Heaped atop a customary 1.5 hour commute, it really sux.

Those TWU guys can't even make an announcement on the PA system that is intelligible, another reason why they can't possibly make me feel sorry for them. I'm just thankful I get to go to Jawbitch's holiday party tonight. Merry Fucking Christmas.

GOVERNOR/MAYOR/MTA: Take a page from history. Do like Uncle Ronnie. Fire them all -- there's plenty of capable non-union folks willing to work for less.