Monday, April 24, 2006

The Sport of Poker

At breakfast this weekend, Steppinbro argued that Bluto's post about poker as a sport was just ridiculous.

G-man: So, why don't you think poker is a sport?
Steppinbro: Because there's no physical activity that raises your heart rate.
G-man: Yes there is, just try pushing in your whole stack of chips in a final table for a $1M prize. That's gonna raise your hear rate.
Steppinbro: Nah, that's just minimal activity. People who say that poker is a sport are people who can't really play sports. It's just a game.
G-man: But basketball is a game. What makes it more of a sport than poker?
Jawbitch: You're not going to win this one, G-man. Just shut up and move on. Next subject--what are you guys doing today.
AuntK: I think I'm going to go to Costco to go food shopping.
G-man: I shop online at peapod. But I guess that's not really shopping because it requires only a minimal amount of physical activity.
Steppinbro: But shopping is not a sport. There's no competition.
G-man: Tell that to the lady that pushed her cart in front of me to get the last box of Charmin tissues on sale, or the other bitch that cut me off to get in line with her oversized pile of groceries. I'd say that grocery shopping is definitely a sport.
AuntK: That's what I'm saying.