Thursday, November 09, 2006

Busy Times

Dear Blog:

I'm sorry I've neglected you yet again for so long. I've been very busy litigating two cases against the same evil, greedy plaintiff. I'm trying really hard to escape from the Eastern District of Texas, but the evil, greedy plaintiffs keep pulling me back there. Not that I dislike Texas, really. I like the food and hospitality of those folks, but as jurors, they never seem to get it right. Or maybe, what's right for them is right for the evil, greedy plaintiffs, but not for the innocent defendants and everybody else. I wished I could make them understand that, while it's nice to award deserving plaintiffs damages for their good inventions, everybody ends up paying the tarriffs of the evil, greedy troll plaintiffs. This is because the cost of goods sold goes up across the board for everyone. As we all know, nobody is going to sell something at a loss, so we all collectively pay the evil, greedy plaintiffs who win. Sure, their local economy benefits from the influx of deep pocketed litigants, but don't just rule for the plaintiffs to keep the good times rolling. Jurors, you got to do the right thing.

So Blog, I make no excuses for neglecting you. I'll make a few posts now and then when I'm able. Please understand.