Saturday, February 12, 2005

They were inseparable

IA's 2/11 post reminds me of that Steven Wright story where his girlfriend convinces him to stick a string of beads up his ass. Somehow, despite his protest that it wouldn't be any good, he does it. Then next thing ya know, he's in the hospital and says, "wouldn't ya know, when the doctor pulled that string out, I came like a wildcat!"

Sorry, THB, but I gotta tell this story. Once when jawbitch was a resident at Queens Hospital Center, she had a similar experience. Two guys showed up to the ER, the first wearing a large raincoat, the second kinda hunched over, following closely behind. After they get them into the examination room, it turns out that guy #2 got his hand stuck in guy #1's rectum. What were they doing? The Internet now provides an answer to such questions,
just click the FAQ (seventh link down) here.
She never told me how they got them separated.