Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The Montauk train was late tonight. I managed to secure a seat near the back stair on the upper level. Next thing I know, a rather athletic black woman in a denim skirt and white tee shirt is blocking the staircase. Faces of persons below her show concern. So I removed my earpiece so I can hear what's up. Next thing I know, she pulls out a piece. We're talking government issue .45 caliber (or maybe 9 mm), and holds it behind her back as she starts walking down the aisle past me.

Now, I'm ex-military, and proud, but I'm not stupid. This is the first time I've seen anything like that on the train.

Picture this. As the other fools are staring, eyes agape, G-man's rushing toward the next car, hoping that it has enough bulkhead to sufficiently slow the bullets, shrapnel, nails, or ball bearings enought to prevent it from penetrating his hide. Two blue uniformed cops pass by up the stairs right after I make it down.

Many others followed G-man out, probably because he was repeating the word "GUN" over and over as he was running. Turns out she was plainclothes, and they were collaring a felon sitting at the other end of the car. Still a rather harrowing experience.