Monday, December 26, 2005

Mamas: Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

I take my canister vacuum out to clean up the afterbirth that was Christmas in my house, and I find that the little castor is missing from the bottom. I'm pissed because I just got done replacing the plastic bottom that my housekeeper broke several months ago. Coincidentally, that part bore the model number, which you must have in order to order new parts. However, I did find the part number on the Power-Mate wand, and after calling the parts store at Sears, they were able to locate the new number, order the retaining pin, and then hung up. Next, I discovered that the rivet in the lower wand assembly (19) broke free, and that the wiring harness connector (10) that powers the beater brush had melted in the handle (7) (see diagram below). So I placed another order for these parts, which will arrive when I get back. In retrospect, at my billing rate, I would have been better off just buying a new vacuum, but rebuilding is more fun.

As my angst for my housekeeper builds, I let the serviceman in to clear the washing machine. Apparently, she decided to wash the rugs, whose rubbery padding deposited and then swelled into the pump impeller. Right before we have to go away on vacation. Just at the precise moment when I have fired her for the 12th time in my mind, Jawbitch comes down and drops this paper she found in little G's room. The best is that she got her brother to sign it several times. I wonder if it's a binding contract?: