Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Out On The Border

NYC Transit Workers Strike

"You can't break the law and use that as a negotiating tactic," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at an afternoon news conference. "This is unconscionable."

Judge Theodore Jones ruled Tuesday afternoon that the Transport Workers Union was in contempt of two court injunctions based on New York's "Taylor Law," that forbids transit workers from striking. He ordered that the union be fined $1 million a day beginning Tuesday. But that's not enough to satisfy G-man.

ATTENTION MTA: Follow Uncle Ronnie's lead. Go get a warrant for the arrest of union leadership now! Open up all access to the stations. There is no good reason for checking train tickets at the door, it just slow entry to the station. Use management to get at least a part of the subway system working. Stop implementing pure stupidity. Your actions are not really a contingency plan at all, but a plan for compounded misery.

G-man Slips By

Last night, instead of waiting in line for hours, G-man and his accomplice RL narrowly avoided the mayhem outside of Penn Station by slithering around its south side, at 32nd street, and entering behind the Garden, while the mixed hoard of dissappointed riders and Ranger fans froze at street level. G-man and RL boarded a nearly empty train -- proof that the so-called contingency plan is a farce. Hopefully, today will be better, but G-man fears it will be much worse.