Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Bedtime Story Part II - The Big Bang Theory

Little G: Daddy, do you believe in God or Science?
G-Man: I believe in God and the truth. They're not mutually exclusive.
Little G: Do you think God created the Universe?
G-Man: Yes.
Little G: Some people say the Universe was created in a single moment. Are there dimensions to other universes, like black holes?
G-Man, after explaining the concept of the four space-time dimensions: I believe there is only one universe. A black hole is merely a severely dense concentration of matter -- I don't know if it leads anywhere, but most likely if it does, it leads back to our same, single universe. Some scientists believe that at one time, early in the creation of the universe all the energy and matter that now exists in the universe ...
Little G, interrupting and turning her fingers into a ball: ... was contained in a volume the size of a marble. Daddy, if everything was in that marble-sized blob, where was it? What was it in?
G-Man: Well, if everything was inside of the blob, then nothing was outside of the blob, ... so it must have been in nothing, and located nowhere?
Little G: ???
G-Man: Some things are beyond the comprehension of man. I think this is one of them, but please let me know if you figure it out.

[continued ...]