Friday, November 10, 2006

My Train Buddy Tom

Tom and I ride the 7:10 Babylon train to New York together almost every morning. Tom has his favorite seat, and I have mine, all the way in the back. Yesterday, both Tom and I missed our trains, and took the 7:22 double decker, which we both dislike because we have to pick from the remaining seats left behind from the nasty, space-greedy east-enders.

Tom: Yesterday, i got my own seat in a two-seater, and the guy across from me started getting agitated. I know that something set him off, because he was flipping the pages to his paper really hard.
G-Man: Maybe it was just the election?
Tom: Well, I don't know what it was, but he kept glaring at me and flipping the pages hard. When I got up, I left my paper on my seat, and he said:
Tom, restating Anger Man's words: Are you going to leave that there?
Tom, in context: No, would you like to read it?
Tom, as Anger Man: I didn't ask you that.
Tom, in context: Well, then don't ask me anything else.