Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Everyone Needs Insurance

Sometimes it sucks being a lawyer. It changes your whole perspective on everything. I used to like my insurance company. But now, I don't trust them whatsoever.

Monday, an insurance lady called, wanting to take a statement from me. I reverted to my deposition mode.

Lady: May I record our conversation?
G-man: Sure, if you agree to provide me with a written transcript.
Lady: Well, I'll have to get permission for that. You understand that my name is Ms. [Lady], I'm in San Antonio, Texas, and I'm recording this conversation?
G-man: Yes.
Lady: Can you please give your name?
G-man: G-man.
Lady: And your address?
G-man: [gives address]
Lady: Now, please explain what happened?
G-man: Did you get permission for the transcript?
Lady: Well, I can do that after.
G-man: No, I don't think so. I'll wait until you do.
Lady: Well, I'll just take your statement without the recorder.
G-man: Is the recorder off?
Lady: Yes.

G-man: Ok, it rained like shit all week. Saturday morning, I opened the door to my crawlspace and found 2-1/2 feet of water. That's it, the end.

Lady, after an extended pause: When did this happen?
G-man: Saturday, so you have prompt notice of my claim. Perhaps you'd like a letter from me?
Lady: No, and what damage did you have?
G-man: When I called Saturday, your representative told me an adjuster would be here Monday. As far as I'm concerned, that's his job to figure out.
Lady: How did the water get into the crawlspace?
G-man: Like I said, it rained hard, the tide was high, I live across the street from the canal. The yard filled up with water, and then it must have gone over the lip of my foundation, thereby filling the crawlspace -- kinda like a bathtub. Do you get it?
Lady: Yes, so was it flooding or from the rain?
G-man: I have both a homeowner's policy, and flood insurance. Which policy provider do you represent?
Lady: Well, I'm in the homeowners section. I'll have the flood people call you.
G-man: Listen, I'm making a claim. Between the two of you, you figure out the cause. If either of you deny coverage, the other one is going to get it, got it? You're not denying coverage, are you?
Lady: No. I have to call the flood people first.
G-man: Good, because the way I figure it, I bought both policies through your company, and if either of your people start pointing fingers at the other, there's going to be big problems. Ok?
Lady: Ok, sir, somebody will call you later.

Stay tuned, the saga continues ...