Monday, October 03, 2005

Tattoo Who

Ok, I'm back. I know, I’ve been anti-Internet-social. I just needed to take a month off. What's been happening? Not too much, settled one case, but the other one's a real pain in the ass, because opposing counsel is an ass. Can't really say more -- don't want to compromise the confidentiality, but this is really a strange copyright case, which I would love to talk with you about it in person, after it's over.

G-man: Let's take the kids to the diner for breakfast.
Jawbitch: Yeah, then after, I want to stop by the front door with a pocket full of quarters and get those temporary tattoos out of the machines.
G-man: Why do you want to do that?
Jawbitch: Because I really like that tattooed guy on the show "Prison Break." He's so good looking, has such a seductive voice, and I just really like him.
G-man: ???
Jawbitch: So I wanna make Max look like him.