Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Bedtime Story Part III - A Happy Ending?

G-Man: Now, no more questions. Please rest your mind and body.
Little G: But I have more questions.
G-Man: Save them for tomorrow.
Little G: But I can't wait.
G-Man: Please, just make sure that you do something new with your life. Otherwise, you'll live your life like it's a life that you've been assigned. I've been wondering about that, at least since the last millenium, in a nihilistic, Matrix sort of way, that maybe we're somehow trapped. I have this feeling deep inside that something is missing. It's a feeling in my soul, and I can't help wishing, that one day, I'll discover that we're living a lie. And when I do, I'll tell the holy rollers the reasons why. But until then, all I know is what I need to know. Everything I do's been done before. Every idea my head, someone else has said. And at each end of my life is an open door.

Drinks for the first commentor correctly identifying the title, thus satisfying my moral obligation toward the right of attribution, although I claim fair use with respect to the copyrights of reproduction and performance, for telling the truth.

[continued ...]