Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Summer's Ending

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all take the whole summer off? So far, during my summer, I had one huge case settle, and then the other smaller one perked up. It was almost perfect timing, because the second one still affords me with the opportunity to go on vacation, because the judge is also away. Now I know I'll be busy for the rest of the year, and should score a good bonus at the end of the year, providing we don't screw up and win something like a summary judgment motion. Maybe I'll get really lucky and it will go to trial. It would be great fun, because the plaintiff's attorney is so incompetent, plaintiff is virtually pro se.

Looking ahead on the home front, little G starts 3rd grade. Max is starting kindergarten. Next fall he'll be in first grade. It's all going way too fast.

Well, gotta pack for my trip to Austria and meanwhile, my high def. TV's still broke. Maybe I should post more about that particular fiasco. Or about my cousin's house purchasing problems in NJ. Hey Fresh Pepper, u got any real property attorney referrals for me? Maybe more on both of those issues, later, if you want to hear about them.

Finally, let me get something off my chest that's been sitting there all summer long. "The problems of the wealthy" -- I can't let that comment slip by unopposed. Dude, you have no friggin idea what absolute poverty Jawbitch and I lived through during our respective childhoods. Her parents divorced just as she entered college. Her mom was in the hospital with breast cancer, and her dad just flat out left them. As for me, my pop left us when i was a wee lad of eight, and my mom had to get a job in the dry cleaners just to make money so she could feed us. Consequently, we had to put ourselves through college, graduate schools, law school, and dental school. It took us a really long time to get where we our today.

I'm almost old enough to be your daddy, Fresh. You know that. So harass me when you've paid your school loans off.

And even if you didn't know, I know you're joking, so fuck off and die.

There, now I feel better. See you when I get back after labor day.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ring Bubbles

Sorry I haven't posted lately -- but do you like my new belly button ring?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Ain't No Cure For The Summer Time Blues

Sorry, not much newsworthy has happened and I'm really enjoying the summer.

On the work front, been really busy. We won a huge Markman decision, now I'm juggling experts. Been interviewing potential new associates and arranging furniture in my new office.

On the home front, my 2 year old television is busted and the repair shop has tried twice to fix it. The first time, they had to bring the set back to their shop. They could only pick it up on Saturday, because they needed two guys and a truck. It's a Panasonic 42" high def. tube unit, that weighs just a little over 300 pounds. There would be a lot of broken glass if they dropped it. Anyway, they're making their third house call tomorrow. Hopefully, this time it will work.

Little G's done camp today. She's sad. Summer is ending. Max's got a couple more weeks to go.

Getting ready for my trip to Austria. Been listening to the German language CDs in my MP3 player. I wonder if they have a 7-eleven? If so, I bet I know how the counter guy feels concerning the language barrier.

I'll take a slurpee and a dog.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The Montauk train was late tonight. I managed to secure a seat near the back stair on the upper level. Next thing I know, a rather athletic black woman in a denim skirt and white tee shirt is blocking the staircase. Faces of persons below her show concern. So I removed my earpiece so I can hear what's up. Next thing I know, she pulls out a piece. We're talking government issue .45 caliber (or maybe 9 mm), and holds it behind her back as she starts walking down the aisle past me.

Now, I'm ex-military, and proud, but I'm not stupid. This is the first time I've seen anything like that on the train.

Picture this. As the other fools are staring, eyes agape, G-man's rushing toward the next car, hoping that it has enough bulkhead to sufficiently slow the bullets, shrapnel, nails, or ball bearings enought to prevent it from penetrating his hide. Two blue uniformed cops pass by up the stairs right after I make it down.

Many others followed G-man out, probably because he was repeating the word "GUN" over and over as he was running. Turns out she was plainclothes, and they were collaring a felon sitting at the other end of the car. Still a rather harrowing experience.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Our firm finally broke down and bought the associates Blackberries. Up until that point, I refused to pay cash money for the privilege to develop an electronic ball-and-chain culture.

Yesterday, Jawbitch saw Max walking around with a blackberry.

Jawbitch: Max, where did you get that blackberry?
Max: It's mine.
Jawbitch: No, honey. That's daddy's blackberry. Could you please put it back on his desk?
Max: No it isn't! It's mine! I found it and Gram said I could keep it!
Jawbitch: Let me look at it.

Sure enough, Max had found somebody's blackberry outside in the street. Jawbitch eventually gained possession of the device and found out the contact information. Turns out that it belonged to a 30 y.o. executive who just bought one of the $2M houses on the canal down the street. He and his wife showed up at the house to reclaim his blackberry. Max reluctantly gave it up (remember the first rule of personal property -- finder's keepers?) Of course, the wife was smitten with our little gizmo locator, so she handed hubby a $20 bill from her pocketbook.

Exec: Thanks kid! Here, go buy yourself an ice cream.